Monday, April 07, 2008

New column every Monday: Fundraising on eBay, April 7, 2008

Fundraising on eBay

Listen to Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein talk with Jill Finlayson, co-author of Fundraising on eBay, about success stories of nonprofits that have! It's on WXEL/NPR member station. Click on this link and fast forward to segment 6, unless you want to hear other segments:

Host Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein talks with: 1. Karen Lustgarten—on PR strategy: nonprofits’ sine qua non, most powerful tool, and most neglected resource. 2. Gary Grobman, co-author, Fundraising Online: Using the Internet to Raise Serious Money for Your Nonprofit Organization”—on the plusses and pitfalls of using ASPs (application services providers). 3. Richard Marker, New York University’s Heyman Center for Fundraising and Philanthropy: Fundraising success from the giver’s perspective—on NYU’s unique grantmaking program and Marker’s unique approach to grantmaking. 4. William Halal, futurist,, on how and why nonprofits have to capitalize on the future in the present. 5. Weekly segment from The Chronicle of Philanthropy ( Peter Panepento’s “Blog Beat”—spotlighting his latest must-read online fundraising find. 6. Jill Finlayson, co-author, Fundraising on eBay: Success stories—part one of a three part series on how nonprofits can’t afford not to “do business” the eBay way.