Wednesday, December 30, 2009

High Tech & Social Media Fail without High Touch

The Internet and related technologies are means to an end--connecting with people so that they'll make donations to nonprofits--not ends in themselves.

Like prospectors after gold in California, hordes rushed to get their website on the Internet. It looked like the cure for everything that ails organizations: the ability to reach millions and millions of people anywhere and everywhere.

So what happened? Most websites produce little or nothing. Merely posting words in cyberspace isn't successful marketing.

The same headiness now surrounds social media--FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But the same promise and disappointment will emerge from all the talk about fundraising with social media, unless people know how REALLY to capitalize on their strengths and avoid pitfalls. Find out how to make social media work for your nonprofit at the 2010 Fundraising with Social Media Conference on Feb. 19. Visit for details--and to register online.

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