Saturday, August 05, 2006

7 POWERS Fundraising Success System

A Taste of the 7 POWERS Fundraising Workshop:
The "Science" of Fundraising
by Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein, consultant and author of 30 Days to Successful Fundraising

7 POWERS Workshops are scheduled nationwide. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog for details.
My purpose in writing columns and giving workshops is to show people that fundraising isn’t something mushy and mysterious. There are proven formulas--7 POWERS, to be exact--you can put to work for you.

POWER 1: The Power of One. Fundraising is powered by motivated individuals who understand that they have to take complete responsibility for making things happen. You can have the power of Mother Teresa or Mahatma Ghandi. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean doing everything yourself, but setting your commitment in motion.
Remember this formula: one person approaching just one other person for a contribution every day for 365 days would reach 365 people. But 10 people committed to doing it would reach 3650 people--without spending any money. If 100 people aligned for a common worthy purpose, they’d reach 36,500--and could raise $365,000, if everyone gave just $10. Grasp The Power of One and you’re on your way to boundless success.

POWER 2: The Power of an Idea. For individuals to be powerful, they have to be armed with a powerful message. (You can’t be a successful fundraiser if you just want to do something noble, but airy--like "bringing peace to the world.") 7 POWERS reveals the 5-part formula for gauging the power of an idea: It (1) reverses a negative trend, (2) seems doable, (3) makes financial sense, (4) goes for the gut, (5) is measurable.

POWER 3: The Power of Creating Demand. From "saying it" in pictures to creating a blog, writing letters-to-the-editor, creating partnerships, there’s a formula--30 FREE powerful ways--you can create what Victor Hugo called "an idea whose time has come."

POWER 4: The Power of People. Capitalize on the Power of People by using the formula to create a "Circle of 10." With an informal group of people advising you and helping you reach 10 others like themselves, you have potentially 100 advocates/mentors/door-openers propelling your success--but you have to follow the formula.

That’s a taste of the 7 POWERS. For e-mail & phone contact, scroll down to the bottom of this blog.

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