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Suggest a feature segment for WXEL/National Public Radio: "Fundraising Success"

From WXEL/National Public Radio: "Fundraising Success," the unique, one-hour, weekly Internet radio/podcast, is now available to anyone with Internet access or its equivalent from anywhere in the world at any time. Just go to and click on "Fundraising Success." You can then hear, download, and forward the program.

August 26, 2007
Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein, host and executive producer of "Fundraising Success" and author of 30 Days to Successful Fundraising, talks with:

1. Former Goldman Sachs executive, Chuck Harris, now Executive Partner, SeaChange Capital Partners ( He’s already gotten a commitment of $5 million from Goldman Sachs. Now, he’s out to raise $100 million in the next three years to provide multi-year funding for high-performing nonprofits—especially for operating expenses, the most difficult monies to obtain.

2. Beth Kanter, Step 2 of 10 Steps to Web 2.0—“Read people’s minds; change their hearts. Liberate their dollars.” How to use to search and research the blogosphere for your name and topics of interest. What one nonprofit dealing with the homeless discovered to its surprise when it did so.

3. Weekly feature: “Philanthropist’s Corner” with Sean Stannard-Stockton, author of
the blog,, and principal with Ensemble Capital Management (Burlingame, CA): “Family philanthropy for almost everyone.” You don’t need to be a Rockefeller or Gates have a family philanthropy strategy.

5. Weekly feature: “Freebies Galore” with Jesse Carter from Profit Quests, “The People’s Fundraising Web site,” “Raising funds by offering donors the opportunity to dine with celebrities in your community--elected officials, sports figures, TV and radio personalities, etc.”

6. Weekly update from The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Holly Hall on the shortage of major gift fundraisers and the skyrocketing salaries they are commanding.

7. Stephen Rockwell,, of Management Consulting Services: Breaking traditional barriers of time and space to raise money. “Not for young people only!” How nonprofits can use social networking sites—like, , build their presence, create an identity site, and raise money.

8. Regular feature: “Blog Beat” with Peter Panepento of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Susan Herr author of, gives advice for the “discerning donor,” high net worth individuals. Her blog is syndicated daily to 70 community foundations. A new media/fundraising genre: filmanthropy!
E-mail your comments and questions--and suggestions for guest segments on "Fundraising Success"--to Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein at

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