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Podcast “Fundraising Success”
Indispensable Nonprofit Resource

By Stephen L. Goldstein, consultant and author of 30 Days to Successful Fundraising

Attention anyone and everyone who has anything to do with nonprofits: WXEL/National Public Radio has extended launched a podcast of its highly acclaimed, weekly, one-hour program, “Fundraising Success.”

The public service for the nonprofit community is now available at at any time, from anywhere, to anyone with Internet access or its equivalent.

First, the premise of “Fundraising Success:” There are a gazillion shows and columns regurgitated advice on how for-profit businesses can succeed, but nothing—zip, zero—for nonprofits. So, the program brings together experts in communications, grant-writing, capital campaigns, PR, and other areas of interest. It’s literally the consultant team that no one nonprofit could ever afford, but which all of them need.

So, second, what’s a podcast? In the words of WXEL’s president and general manager, Jerry Carr, “It’s anytime audio—radio taken to a whole new dimension. Podcasting allows us to break the traditional barriers between stations and listeners. We’ve always had to try to second-guess our audience to determine exactly when they’d want to listen to which programming. In the case of ‘Fundraising Success,’ we now have a unique opportunity to serve its unique listenership when it’s most convenient for them to hear the program.”

“Fundraising Success” covers the proverbial waterfront. It airs weekly segments from The Chronicle of Philanthropy. In a recent interview, The Chronicle’s Peter Panepento discussed “Donor Advised Funds--Where the Money Really Is!" Another recent program opens with Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing, revealing the formulas nonprofits can follow to get the word out about them—for free.

In a weekly series spotlighting fundraising in Cyberspace, Gary Grobman, co-author of Fundraising Online: Using the Internet to Raise Serious Money for Your Nonprofit, sheds light on everything from creating an Internet fundraising strategy to researching grants online. Ellen Schulman’s recent segment on her “Board Members’ Credo” is must-listening for everyone associated with a nonprofit.

Recently, Stephen Wertheimer, senior vice president of Brakeley Briscoe and Michael Rose, president of Carolinas HealthCare Foundation, revealed "The Formula for a Capital Campaign Mega-Success." In addition, Bob Ottenhoff, president & CEO of, talked about its continuum of free services available to nonprofits, including access to nonprofits' IRS Form 990.

Providing a rare glimpse of how a foundation actually works, Jerome Lyle Rappaport (founder) and Phyllis Rappaport (chair) of the Rappaport Foundation discussed fundraising success from funders’ perspectives. Kevin Lane, “The PR Guru,” stressed the importance of “putting the profit into nonprofits.”

During Listeners’ Forum segments, I answer questions that have been emailed to me at, or, sometimes, find an expert around the country to do so. One recent Q &A answered, “How can I identify large donors for whom there is so much competition?”

If you’re getting the feeling that “Fundraising Success” brings together resources you won’t find anywhere else, you’re right. It is a unique nationwide forum, through which leaders in their fields share their expertise—and nonprofits are helped to succeed.

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