Sunday, December 16, 2007

New column every MONDAY: "The Fundraising Guru"--Dec. 17, 2007

"Fundraising Success": Internet radio/PODCAST!

"Fundraising Success," a weekly, one-hour radio show, airs on WXEL-90.7FM Sundays at 7p.m. throughout South Florida--when it is also streamed live. BUT it's also always available from anywhere in the world at any time by anyone with Internet access or its equivalent.

There are a gazillion shows and columns regurgitating advice on how businesses can succeed, but nothing--zip, zero--for nonprofits. On "Fundraising Success," national and local experts in communications, grant-writing, capital campaigns, PR, and other areas of interest will share their best advice. It provides nonprofits the consultants none of them can afford, but all of them need.

To listen to the podcasts, go to Then, click on any of the many "Fundraising Success" headings.

Your "Fundrasing Success" Radio Host

Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein--Host & Producer of "Fundraising Success" Columnist, author, consultant, TV and radio personality, and workshop leader--Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein is a nationally recognized marketing, communications, and fundraising executive, as well as a trends analyst and forecaster.

For more than 30 years, he has developed award-winning strategies for nonprofit success. Dr. Goldstein's "Fundraising Guru" columns, based upon his nationwide bestseller, 30 Days to Success Fundraising, appear in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Scripps newspapers on Florida's Treasure Coast. He is also the developer of The 7 POWERS Fundraising Success System, which is the basis for the fundraising workshop he offers around the country. Stephen Goldstein has also contributed fundraising advice segments for nonprofits on Wealth and Wisdom on WXEL-TV, Public Television. Dr. Goldstein works with individual nonprofits all across America to increase their fundraising success.
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