Monday, March 01, 2010

Announcing! FREE Webinars on Fundraising with "Social Media"

FREE Webinars will reveal the 7 Steps all nonprofits can take to turn "social media" into successful fundraising
by Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein

There's a lot of mystery, fear, confusion surrounding what are now called "social media"--inhibiting people from using them. In addition, they got a "bad" name early on: Facebook began by being used mostly by college kids; Twitter started with people posting daily trivia--I'm stuck in the airport, Just got home from the gym.

Eventually, they rose in status by being branded "social media." In fact, I'm sure that whoever coined the phrase thought him/herself very clever, indeed. I can just hear the cry of eureka! What a compelling way to label so disparate a bunch of Internet venues as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.! Problem is: It's meaningless; every form of communication--from the telephone to TV--is "social" at some level, fosters relationship(s). And it's also a misleading designation, especially as these platforms have evolved into some of the most powerful ways to reach and influence people--and FREE at that!

For nonprofit fundraisers, the "social" in the term puts the emPHASIS on the wrong SYLlable; they are all very aware of the need to build bridges to potential donors; but they also have bottom lines to deliver. How long, they justifiably ask, before I can convert my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter into donors to my cause--and how do I do it? The answers to those and other questions about turn "social media" into successful fundraising platform will be discussed in an ongoing series of webinars. To participate int he webinars, email Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein at Put webinars in the subject and provide your name, title, organization, address, and phone number.