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WXEL/National Public Radio/"Fundraising Success" Internet radio/podcast

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September 2, 2007
Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein is the host and executive producer of “Fundraising Success.” He is the author of 30 Days to Successful Fundraising. For his weekly fundraising column, go to This week’s program:

Special spotlight on one nonprofit’s successful fundraising: How the Broward Partnership for the Homeless turns lives around through solution-focused, nationally recognized model programs, using contributed dollars
1. Katie Foster, chief development and communication officer, Broward Partnership for the Homeless,,
2. Successful former resident of the Broward Partnership for the Homeless: Stanley turned his life around—from former prisoner to head chef, all made possible through his hard work, programs at the Partnership, and donations from the community
3. Elliot Borkson, trustee, The Leo Goodwin Foundation—why the foundation has been supportive of the Broward Partnership for the Homeless from its inception
4. Weekly feature: “Freebies Galore” with Jesse Carter from Profit Quests, “The People’s Fundraising Web site,” “Everything you need to know about direct mail fundraising and marketing—for free.” Special mention of Fundraising Success magazine (not connected with our radio show), but highly recommended by Jesse Carter because of its free treasure trove of direct marketing information.
5. Beth Kanter, Step 3 of 10 Steps to Web 2.0—“Scatter bread crumbs!” or leaving comments on other people’s blogs so people will find you.
6. Dr. Stephen Goldstein’s “Fundraising Guru” column: “Create budgets that make people want to give.”
7. Weekly feature: “Philanthropist’s Corner” with Sean Stannard-Stockton, author of
the blog,, and principal with Ensemble Capital Management (Burlingame, CA): “On becoming a philanthropist”
8. Weekly update from The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Ian Wilhelm—important trends every nonprofit needs to know from The Chronicle’s annual report on corporate giving
9. Regular feature: “Blog Beat” with Peter Panepento of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the blog, written by Nancy Schwartz: how-tos on nonprofit marketing, how few nonprofits track the effect of their marketing, how easy it is to do so. Go to her 12-minute tutorial to help nonprofits grow their email list!
10: Final thought from Dr. Goldstein—on the huge scope of the nonprofit sector from Michael O’Neill’s book Nonprofit Nation

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