Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For Nonprofits--Only: Internet Radio/Podcast

"Fundraising Success" is a weekly, one-hour radio program produced and aired by WXEL/National Public Radio.

Anyone with Internet access or its equivalent may hear the program from anywhere in the world at any time. Just go to www.wxelpodcasts.org and click on "Fundraising Success."

Program notes: Sept. 9, 2007
Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein is the host and executive producer of “Fundraising Success.” He is the author of 30 Days to Successful Fundraising. For his weekly fundraising column, go to www.fundraisingguru.blogspot.com. This week’s program:“Putting philanthropy into a corporate culture—the benefits to the corporation”: Special spotlight on the coordinated national fundraising campaign of CHG Healthcare Services (headquartered Salt Lake City, Utah), www.chghealthcare.com 1. Michael Weinholtz, president/CEO of CHG: the corporate philosophy of giving back; inspiring/motivating its employees to participate in fundraising, primarily for United; Way, in places like South Florida, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Dallas, among others; how it even builds employee morale2. Jennifer Mayhew, director of corporate events, CHG—“Themes and variations,” supporting individual offices around the country in their charitable efforts3. “Different strokes for different folks”: The more people give, the more they want to give—how CHG (Fort Lauderdale) and CHG (Grand Rapids) implement the corporate fundraising philosophy of its parent company, to increased success4. “Become a fundraiser: It’s inspiring; it’s a way to change the world”: Gayle Roberts, fundraising consultant (San Francisco), www.gayleroberts.com—the nobility of fundraising, the transformational nature of fundraising; how to help donors—how to inspire boards of directors to be fully engaged in the nonprofits with which they work; how to get past potential donors’ saying No. 5. Weekly feature: “Freebies Galore” with Jesse Carter from ProfitQuests, “The People’s Fundraising Web site,” www.profitquests.com: “Everything you need to know about getting your board to fulfill its fundraising responsibilities.”6. “Web 2.0 Essentials for Nonprofit Fundraising”: Stephen Rockwell, srockwell@mcsorg.org, of Management Consulting Services: “The World of RSS” (Real Simple Syndication)—how to get your Internet content regularly delivered to potential donors without their even having to come to your Web site

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