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7 Ways to enhance your nonprofit fundraising success

From anywhere in the world at any time, listen to "Fundraising Success" from WXEL/National Public Radio on the Internet at The only program of its kind in the U.S. Hear the best experts from around the country give down-to-earth advice to enhance your fundraising success.

Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein is the host and executive producer of “Fundraising Success.” He is the author of 30 Days to Successful Fundraising. For his weekly fundraising column, go to

This week’s program--091607
1. Jorene Jameson, vice president and chief development officer, YMCA of South Palm Beach County, Florida: perspectives on fundraising success from her nationwide experience; the secrets of relationship-building, the sine qua non; how she helped turn one debt-ridden nonprofit into a “going” concern; the pitfalls in the shibboleth that “people give to people”; how much more donor-volunteers give to an organization than just outright donors; the lessons she learned from a flop

2. Regular feature: “Blog Beat” with Peter Panepento of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the blog, its advice on how nonprofits can better use technology, and its four-part series on how to get nonprofits’ Web sites prominently seen on the Internet

3. Beth Kanter, Step 4 of 10 Steps to Web 2.0—“Ready, set, get blogging!”

4. Kenton Kuhn–on “Blacktie,” the national company he co-founded based in Denver, Colorado. Blacktie facilitates communications by and between nonprofits and their philanthropic supporters. It provides a wide range of services--including a centralized calendar, an online auction, and a network of “great ideas sharing”—through local Web sites around the country.

5. Ginny Fujino of “Blacktie” South Florida, the online community she’s built, including the all-important calendar of area-wide events and links to other “Blacktie” sites nationwide

6. Spotlight on a “grassroots” nonprofit: Tom Koziol, Senior Outreach Ministries, one non-religious nonprofit in Reno, Nevada helps seniors in difficult circumstances, and how one husband and wife prove that everyone can “make a major difference in the lives of others”

7. A must-read book for nonprofits everywhere! Ori Brafman, co-author of the bestseller, The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations—on a revolutionary model for the way nonprofits need to be structured/managed/supported for success in the future

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